Things heard at this week’s IATSE Convention:


Things heard at this week's IATSE Convention:

Regarding contract negotiations:
"If you're not at the table; you're on the menu."


Regarding job efficiency:
"Measure twice, cut once!"


"Just remember: We’re the ones who plant the crops and push the mops. We dig the coal and build the roads. We form the wheels and make the tires. We load the trucks and drive them, too. We face each challenge. We never run and hide. We wake America up every single morning, and we put her to bed at night. We stand strong. We stand together. We stand united! We’re the American labor movement, and we will not be denied!"
Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO


Regarding ETCP certification among stagehands:
Since the last convention in 2013, ETCP certification has gone from about 300 members certified to about 2600 members certified!


"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's job."
One of the rules from Robert Giolito's "Ten Commandments of a Good Referral System"


In a survey on the way that Americans think of Unions, it was found that the age group that is most open to Union membership are those who are age 21 to 34.


John Salyers, President

Wardrobe Local 769

July 19 2017



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