Today at the 68TH Quadrennial IATSE Convention – 7/17/17

From President John Salyers - Monday, July 17,2017:


845 delegates from the Unites States and Canada gather for the IATSE Convention.  J. David Cox Sr, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, welcomed the convention and encouraged us to join his union in "opening a gigantic can of whoop ass on anyone who tries to block Unions from the right to collectively bargain for their rights."  Congressman Ted Deutch of Florida addressed the assembly and called upon us to pressure Congress to end gerrymandering, and to get big money out of political campaigns.



The Wardrobe Caucus met to discuss issues affecting our trade.



After the Wardrobe Caucus meeting, we attended a tea hosted by Local 764 (New York).  Seated here are Bobbi Boe, Business Agent for Local 784 in San Francisco; Shirley Berling, Business Agent for Local 769 in Chicago; Ann Kelleher, Business Agent for Local 768 in Los Angeles; Suzanne (sorry I don't remember her last name) from Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and a member of the IATSE Education and Training Office.



While we were sipping tea, a member of the Canadian caucus came in to the room and yelled for our attention.  She said that one of the members of the Canadian caucus was refused service at a restaurant across the street from the hotel, because of the color of her skin.  The Canadians asked the Wardrobe Caucus to join them in going across the street to protest.



Members of The Canadian and Wardrobe caucuses of IATSE, go across the street to protest.



When we got to "Tony, the Pizza Chef" three IATSE Vice-presidents entered the establishment to confront the owner.  We won't tolerate this kind of treatment.

IATSE Vice-President John Lewis addressed the crowd of union members.