Today at the 68TH Quadrennial IATSE Convention 


From President John Salyers - Tuesday, July 18, 2017:


On today's agenda:  Day Two of the Convention will feature speeches by Richard Trumka, President of AFL-CIO, and Kate Shindle, President of Actor's Equity;  an interfaith memorial service for IATSE members who have passed away since the last convention;  then we'll break for caucus meetings---today I'll attend the Stagecraft caucus---which covers all backstage crafts for theatre;  then the Secretary-Treasurer's meeting to discuss what each of the locals should be doing to comply with government regulations.



I had a wonderful conversation with former IATSE Vice-President Walter Cahill.  He heads up the Union's political action efforts and happens to be the father of one of our talented members of Local 769.



The Stagecraft Caucus met to discuss advancements in technology.



It was great to see this thank you from the Will Rogers Foundation.  Chicago locals 2, 110, 476 and 769 have all contributed to this vital organization.



Coming Attractions