Train the Trainer: Virtual Training & Presentation Techniques

IATSE Training Trust Fund




Training in the virtual classroom requires planning and preparation if trainers are to motivate learners while building new skills. A successful trainee-centered learning event requires a trainer to understand the learners’ needs and create a welcoming and inclusive virtual space.


This four-day, interactive workshop is for trainers who actively teach craft skills or safety classes online and are looking for strategies to organize their planning, improve their online facilitation skills, and create more engagement in their course. Participants will get practical tips for facilitating before, during, and after a virtual class and learn to plan, prepare, and set the stage for learning in a virtual classroom, including ideas for interactive learning and games. Participants will also practice new, virtual, training skills before returning to their local.


This workshop is taught virtually and focuses on techniques that can be used for virtual training, but trainers who teach live courses may find value in the content. However, please note that their course for this workshop should be a virtual one for use in the participation portions of the workshop.


DATES: November 29–December 2, 2022

DAILY TIME: 8am–12:30pm Pacific | 9am–1:30pm Mountain | 10am–2:30pm Central | 11am–3:30pm Eastern

LOCATION: Zoom Video Conference

COST: The course is via Zoom, therefore there are no associated costs with attending.


Esther Ramirios is a learning strategist that partners with organizations to cultivate a learning and professional development culture. Over the past 18 years, she has specialized in instructional program design with various labor management programs throughout the country. She currently coaches subject matter experts on developing outcome-oriented learning programs. Ms. Ramirios holds master’s degrees in Organizational Management and in Education with a specialization in Adult Learning & Curriculum Development.


John Mathews, a comic at heart, has spent the past 10 years leveraging his improv training from Second City and Groundlings to deliver trainings that ensure learners have fun while learning. He has worked as a trainer in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors, with extensive experience working in healthcare and higher education. He currently serves as a Career Coach for UC Merced, where he leads career and personal development workshops. He is a certified coach through the Association for Talent Development and a seasoned instructional designer.


For additional information and to sign up for this workshop online, go to the IATSE Training Trust Fund website.