Trump Administration Trying to Loosen Child Labor Laws

From CFL's Facebook post dated 5/17/18:


“Everyone deserves well-regulated, safe workplaces, not hazardous job sites where they face dangers before they’re old enough to vote. Deregulating child labor is a new low in Trump's prolonged assault on the American worker…”



In this op-ed, writer Kim Kelly explains the history behind child labor laws following a report that the Trump administration’s Department of Labor is considering rolling them back.

President Donald Trump's administration is breaking new ground in its war on the working class with a new effort to deregulate child labor. Bloomberg Law reported that according to “sources familiar with the situation,” a new proposal from the Department of Labor would loosen a host of workplace regulations, including what’s known as the Hazardous Occupations Orders, which protects workers between the ages of 16 and 18 from long hours and prohibits them from receiving extended training in fields with heavy machinery and manufacturing that may put lives in danger.


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