TWU 769 – Three Important Reminders!


Three Important Reminders


Dear Members

With the start of the new year, please take the time to review the following information you have on file with the Union:

1.  If you have moved or changed your email address, please inform the Union.

2.  If your beneficiary on the Local 769 Death Benefit Fund has not been updated or completed, please fill out the attached form.  If the Union doesn’t have the proper information on file, your benefits may be given to somebody you didn’t wish to receive them.  If names and addresses have changed, please update the form today.  There are many members who do not have a beneficiary on file with the Union.  You can email the form or send in the mail.  Thank you to those that have updated your information.

3.  Along the same note, please take the time to review and update your beneficiary on your Wells Fargo Annuity account.  Again, if the information is not correct and a tragedy happens, whoever is listed on your account will receive the funds.  Members have gotten married, had children, or divorced over the years.  Your account MUST be updated by you.  The participant website is  The phone number is 866-728-3357.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Local.

In Unity,


Cheryl Weber

Secretary - Treasurer






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