Unions = Better Pay + Better Benefits

The Union Difference. AFL-CIO.

Watch “The Union Difference” (1:15)



Maybe it’s just us, but we think higher wages are pretty great.


Health care coverage and paid sick leave are helpful.


And don’t pensions and retirement security sound nice?


This is what unions fight for. This is the union difference.


We made a video breaking this all down, and here’s what union membership means for union members:

  • 11.2% more in wages.
  • 96% have employer-sponsored health care coverage.
  • 93% have paid sick leave.
  • 79% have pensions.

We form unions to fight for ourselves and our co-workers in the workplace. So of course union members have stronger pay and benefits—that’s the point!


In Solidarity,




P.S. The PRO Act makes it easier to join a union.