2015 IFO Production Guide wants your new listing!

filmFor the first time since the Illinois Film Office’s Production Guide switched from print to a digital publication, sometime  in the mid-‘90s (to the best of anyone’s recollection), it is currently in  the process of an official and complete updating.

The IFO’s Julie Morgan is overseeing the massive  directory revision.  She is informing — and warning — crew and vendors:  “In order  for your listing to remain in the Guide you have to fill out a NEW application  or be removed!”

Your new listing may be created by clicking here

Morgan sent emails to roughly 3,100 individuals, either listed in the Guide, or to new individuals who want to be listed.   “New categories have been added and those categories no longer viable were eliminated,” she says. 

For the list streamlining, the IFO is using Charlotte,  N.C.-based Reel-Crew Online Production Directory software.  Integrating  with the IFO’s website, the program allows local crew and support  services to register and have their information instantly available at all times.

“The new Guide is expeced to go live within a month,” Morgan says.   “During that time, the Guide is still searchable at ceo.ilprodguide@illinois.gov

One filmmaker remembers the very first print Production Guide  that was introduced in the early 1980s.  He described it as “thick, spiral bound, with a red cover and you had to wait a year until the office updated your listing for the next print edition.” 


By Ruth L Ratny                             January 23, 2014