Webinar: Planning a safe show?



Planning a Safe Show? This is What You Need to Know. Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11th) from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT for an Education and Training Department webinar co-hosted by AVIXA. The presentation will cover topics such as: How to conduct a hazard analysis, developing a safety plan, and how to execute that plan.





The Entertainment Industries have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. As our events require both technicians, supervisors and often the public to gather in moderate to very large groups in close proximity, the “back to work” dates are looming somewhere in the far-off future. The best we can do at this moment is to plan responsibly for the safe return first of event personnel, and then of the public. To facilitate this discussion, the IATSE has been working with professionals to establish guidelines and baselines for that eventuality. This panel will discuss the work done to date and help focus the discussions taking place about how and when we can get back to work.

Learning Objectives:

1) Learn how to conduct a Job Hazard Analysis.
2) Learn how to begin to develop a Safety Plan based on those findings.
3) Learn how to execute and maintain that plan.


To join the webinar: