What Labor Day means …

"Unions paved the way for families like mine to grow and thrive.  Unions made it possible for us to join the middle class.  Unions made it possible for us to build wealth.  Unions made it possible for my mother, and then me, to earn advanced degrees."

Sun-Times OPINION - 31 August 2017


What Labor Day means to my South Side and black union family


Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, I learned at an early age the power of unions to dramatically improve the opportunities of black families in America.

My grandparents were janitors in Chicago, the children of sharecroppers who fled the racist violence and oppression of the South for new opportunities in the North.  They began their working lives in the 1940s when jobs did not have benefits like pensions and health care.  They lived in public housing because black people could not move wherever they wanted.


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Dorian Warren is the president of the Center for Community Change Action, which works to empower low-income people, especially people of color.  




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