Women’s Committee @ 68th IATSE Convention

President John Salyers attended the IATSE Women's Committee Event ...  Sunday, July 16,2017.



Senator Elizabeth Warren addressed the delegates from Washington, DC.  She urged us all to keep up the fight for America's middle class.  She said "she knows something about being a woman in a male-dominated work place."


This was a panel of remarkable women in the IATSE. From left to right: C. Faye Harper, from Atlanta, who became the first African-American to be voted in as an IATSE Vice-President.  She said something that I related to..."Don't be afraid to pull someone up with you.  Show someone how to do your job and help them become Union members."  Second from left is Cheri Herbert, who was one of the very ...first women to work as a stagehand, in Boston, and on the road.  She was the very first woman to serve as a delegate to the IATSE convention, back in 1976.  Third is the moderator for the panel.  Fourth is Barbara Robinson, who was the first woman to become an International Representative of the IA, back in 1974.  She's been in the Union for over 60 years.  Lastly on the right is Debbie Reid, who has worked for the IA in various positions.  She just retired.



Barbara Byers, who served as the Secretary Treasurer of the Canadian Labor Congress, and who also serves on the United Nations Civil Society Advisory Group, spoke about the fight for "bread and roses" --t he fight to feed our families and the luxury to enjoy life.  She called for equal pay for equal work and access to affordable child care.  She encouraged us to GO to our members, LISTEN to their needs, and BUILD a greater Local.  I'd vote for this woman for any position she runs for.



The closing speaker was 30-year-old Amanda Sager, who just organized the stagehands, and backstage technicians, dressers, and hair and make-up to fight for a Union contract at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  For her efforts she was elected President of the newly formed local.  She encouraged the younger members of IATSE to get involved in your locals, run for office, and make progressive change in the Union.



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