Women’s March on Chicago – 1/21/17


As estimates of the number of participants keep growing - details keep changing.  Be sure to keep checking the official website ...





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Go to our website womens121marchonchicago.org where you'll find our mission statement, FAQs, and other info.  We will continutally update our website.

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The Women’s March on Chicago will start at Jackson and Columbus in Chicago’s Grant Park at 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 21.

We will mobilize as women and supporters of women to protect our rights and civil liberties.

We stand in solidarity with other women’s marches planned across the country and the world on January 21.

WE WILL BE SEEN AND HEARD by the new administration.

We are of varied races, ethnicities, ages, religions, sexual identities, economic situations, politics, and countless other diversities.  We share space on January 21 to express our diverse and similar concerns and protect our rights and our humanity.

The mission of Women’s March on Chicago is: CONNECT, PROTECT, ACTIVATE. We CONNECT to support each other in PROTECT-ing and furthering women’s rights and civil liberties.  We ACTIVATE in our communities to uphold and strengthen values, rights, and humanity.